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Rune Creators Program

Join a community of aspiring TikTok creators passionate about gaming

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Get boosted!

We pay TikTok to boost your videos, making the video get lots of views and gaining you more followers!

Collaborate & Grow

Connect with a network of gaming creators. Share strategies, collaborate on content, and grow together in the Rune community.

How does it work?

Controller 1. You make a video either entirely about Rune or that just mentions the app or one of its games
TikTok 2. We upload your video on our TikTok channel with your channel highlighted at the top of the video description
Stars 3. We pay TikTok to boost the video, which will give the video lots of views and drive new people to your channel

Ready to level up?

Applying is simple, just share links here to your TikTok and Instagram profiles

Apply Now
Apply Now


How long until I know if I’m accepted?

We review applications within 7 days. You'll receive an email with the outcome.

Are there any fees?

Absolutely not! Joining the Rune Creator Program is completely free.

What type of content is expected from me?

Creative, fun, chill content related to multiplayer games on Rune. Don't make an ad.

How often do I need to post Rune-related content?

It’s up to you. We’ll boost any videos you make about Rune as long as they’re solid.

Is there a contract or minimum commitment period?

No contract. You're free to create as long as it feels right for you.

Can I collaborate with other Rune creators?

Definitely! Collaboration is encouraged to expand your reach and audience.

Do I need a minimum follower count to be part of the program?

We only care about how amazing your content is. Everyone who's a big shot now started at zero.

What happens if my follower count or engagement rate drops?

We focus on quality content. Temporary fluctuations in metrics won't affect your membership.

Are there opportunities for exclusive events or early game access?

Yes, members often receive invitations to exclusive events and early access to new games.

Are creators all over the world eligible to participate?

Yes, we don’t have any nationality/residence restrictions.

Who can I contact for support or questions?

Our dedicated creator support team is available at